vintage polaroid supercolor 635cl - works - $28

Polaroid Instant Time-Zero Supercolor SX-70 Land Film - 10 pictures

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Polaroid SUPERCOLOR Videocassette VHS 8 Pack

Polaroid 635 CL uses 600 film.

Polaroid has designed a unique photographic system. Using a tiny electronic computer, the system - a camera with a built-in flash and Polaroid 600 Land film - measures light from the subject and blends it with the right amount of flash for beautiful pictures, indoors and outdoors. In strong sunlight, the flash adds just enough light to soften the harsh shadows.

The camera's built-in flash unit lifts up for picture-taking, folds down for carrying ease. The flash is designed to be used for every picture - outdoors and indoors. It charges automatically in about 3 seconds every time you load film into the camera when the flash unit is raised, when you have taken a picture, when you raise the flash unit with film already in the camera, or when you simply touch the shutter button.

The Supercolor 635CL has a built-in close-up lens which allows you to take pictures from as close as 60cm (2ft.).

Text taken from: Polaroid Supercolor 635CL Users Manual

And while I’m not exactly sure how long these have been on sale already, , where you’ll find amongst other things, the Polaroid Supercolor 635CL Camera that I’ve now got my eye on. Sure, I know next to nothing about how to use it, or if my snapshots taken with this Polaroid camera will be of any good, but never say never until you’ve given it a shot (or two), right?

Polaroid Supercolor Video Cassette 3 Pack

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    I found my mum's Polaroid Supercolor 635 today and it's still working perfectly! my only problem is that i have no film and no colours (do you call it like that??), so I was just wondering if anyone could tell me what i need to put in it and where i can get it?

    Doyle Dane, the traditional Polaroid agency, had started to work on the introduction in this country of Polaroid Supercolor, which is already available in Britain, Australia and parts of Latin America and Asia.