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My grandparents always owned the latest Polaroid cameras, and they passed on that tradition in 1977 when they bought my brother and me Polaroid Super Shooter cameras for Christmas.

Converting Polaroid Super Shooter and Colorpack cameras (3.25 x 4.25 pack film versions) to a pinhole camera. For Polaroid type 667, 672, 664 and Fujifilm FP-100 & FP-3000 instant film. Not for 80 series/square film cameras. To determine whether your Super Shooter or Colorpack will work: measure lengthwise across the back. It should be 17 cm.. 15 cm length are the 80/ square (discontinued format). have fun, make art.

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took up photography when he was given a Polaroid Super Shooter for Christmas at the age of 12. After graduating with a BFA in Graphic Design and Illustration from Virginia Commonwealth University, he decided to throw out the design book and head to New York to become a photographer. The results have been promising. Beside taking pictures, Zachary studies the philosophy of Ving Tsun, likes eating great food, and tasting very good wine. He lives in New York. His clients include GQ, Pentagram, Sony, The New York Times Magazine, Interview, and W Magazine.

If you thought Polaroid was dead, think again. The Polaroid Super Shooter Plus is a fantastic camera. It’s one of several in a series of “rigid body” Polaroids that take instant peel-apart pack film.