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Alas, my beloved Pentax ME Super SLR camera may have died. The mirror and shutter curtains started to stick recently. The mirror pad seal (as with the light seals) had perished, and a sticky glue substance had trickled down onto the shutter curtains I sent away to the States for a light seal kit. Never changed one before, but it was fun, and soon looked like a beautiful restored camera. Only that sticky glue from the perished seals still jams up the shutters. I’ve tried cleaning them, but I’ve probably just bent levers. I’ve read that I needed to remove the mirror box, but with no instructions or watchmakers tools, it might be beyond my skill level.

Perhaps the last decent photo from my Pentax ME Super camera before the light seals recently perished, and clogged the mirror and shutter curtain mechanisms. Yes, i will buy a new light seal kit and try my best to fix the camera. Just scanning some developed rolls, and this one stood out.

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