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Kodak Indicator Stop Bath For Black and White Films And Papers, 1-Pint Bottle To Make 8-Gallons.

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Kodak Indicator Stop Bath - 16 oz

Kodak stop bath was once sold in glass bottles; plastic one breath a tad. if anything the older stop bath might be a tad stronger. Here I have used stop bath thats decades old with no problems; if your a tooler you can measure its Ph and specific gravity.

So the next step in me setting up my line of chemistry is good old Stop Bath. Now I made this one ounce of Stop from the bottle to sixteen ounces of water and I'm just going to pour on my stop in the tray. And again, Stop Bath has that real kind of strong, nasty odor that I don't really like so much. So don't, you don't want to stand right over the tray when you're pouring it in. The other thing about the Stop Bath that I made is this is Kodak Indicator Stop Bath. Meaning that when it turns purple that means the Stop Bath is exhausted or it's no good, and you can see that purple with the amber light on. So you always want to keep aware of that. Just another thing about the way I'm setting up my chemistry is I always want to make it run from, you know downstream, and I don't ever want to get any of the same chemicals in the tray. That will contaminate it. So especially your Stop Bath and your Fix, you really want to keep them away from your developer. If you get even a tiny drop of those two chemicals in your developer, you'll probably ruin all your developer. So you really want to be careful when you're setting that stuff up.

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After development, you'll need a stop bath for rinsing your film and prints. You can use KODAK Indicator Stop Bath (1:63) or KODAK EKTAFLO Stop Bath (1:31). Both are available as liquid concentrates, and both have built-in indicators to signal when the chemicals are exhausted and should be discarded.

Here is one for you, acetic acid is also in Orange Juice, buy yourself some pulp free orange juice and try that out for your stop bath. I usually use Kodak stop bath diluted in one gallon. I stop bath for 30 seconds. I have been successful using orange juice for 3 minutes when I was out of Kodak stop bath once.